25 thoughts on “Lionel Messi vs Ecuador 11.6.2013 (World Cup 2014 Qualifiers)

  1. im ecuadorian and i felt great that ecuador could hold on argentina wiht
    messi in the game

  2. Unfortunately you have been edited the video just when Argentina had the
    ball, I could do the same and just have when Ecuador had it, however we do
    understand that Argentina is a superior Team. try to get neutral 

  3. He’s injury from his leg you faggots not every player can be physically in
    good condition while he has a leg injury
    Learn right messi haters!!!! Or get the hell out 

  4. Well old game is on Haim and other teammates cannot play with him If in

  5. Haha its going to be on pornhub anyways why upload the Guatamalan one that
    team is fucking trash so of course Messi could score a hat trick against
    them couldn’t do it here though because El Tricolour is not some trashy ass
    team you could push around like Guatamala. Ecuador is actually a good team,
    lmao wtf is a Guatamala that name sounds like shit to.

  6. hjajajajaa a argentina sufrioooo y no ganaron por el maricotaa de
    macheranoo mmv q q se alza pateando al camillero y si soy ECUATORIANO

  7. Hope Messi plays more in the next game. I want to see him have a decent
    amount of time, so he can get a goal.

  8. el que subio esta imagen no se da cuenta q messi no fue da en ese partido
    erazo lo bloqueo ecuador gue el 99% mas q argentina si no fuera por el
    arbitro ese partido lo hubieramos ganado

  9. Why do they make him play after a hamstring injury just let him rest and be
    ready for the next season

  10. perdimos 4-0 porke Argentina tiene el mejor atake del mundo, asi de simple.
    y no jugo Erazom ke es nuetro mejor defensa.

  11. Germany players probably have a lot more stamina than the Argentina
    players, that’s why they didn’t have a problem with Ecuador

  12. Yo vivo en Guayaquil (nivel del mar) y cuando fui a jugar a Quito aguante
    un partido de fútbol y 2 de fútbol sala en 1 día, terminé muerto obvio pero
    tampoco para que me den oxígeno. Además los jugadores ecuatorianos no
    juegan todos en la altura, es más de los titulares solo Domínguez (el
    arquero) juega en la altura, de ahí tienes a Paredes, Erazo,
    Campos(Barcelona), Ayoví, Castillo, Montero, Rojas, Benítez(México),
    Valencia(Manchester), Noboa, Caicedo(Moscú).

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