Everton’s Faith Resists Barry From Switching Clubs

Everton’s Faith Resists Barry From Switching Clubs

When everybody is speculating about Gareth Barry’s move to another club, the English player has been really strong about his post at Everton. He turned down the offer from NY City citing no retirement intentions at present.

It was Everton coach Robert Martinez who suggested him not to leave Everton alerting that a move to NY City might mean the conclusion of his career. “America has been quite a treasured option and I even had conversations regarding it”, stated the defensive midfielder. “However, when I sat with coaches in my team, they stressed- ‘if you’re getting there, you’re retiring’.”

“It was all in head. Certainly, I didn’t agree to retire but then I agree that it would mean going to some league which is up & coming & not as huge as Premier League. I understood their point. It would have been massive going there (America) & experiencing it. In fact, I had discussions regarding it in mu home- the very idea of taking to a completely different culture & going through another interesting learning curve seemed really appealing.”

“I’m pretty sure that I would’ve been able to relish it & there’s a very strong argument pushing me to shift. But then, the season we had in Everton in 2013, pushed me not to move & the club extended a 3-yeatr contract that showed how much faith Everton had in me.

“Around 3-4 Premier League squads approached me, 2 teams from abroad also showed interest yet I am very happy here”, emphasized the committed Everton man. “Whilst I can still play at Premier League matches, I really don’t wish to fly abroad. In fact, I was not even contemplating to hang my boots”.

Everton’s 3 year contract deal is quite an achievement for Barry as such a prolonged contract is little unusual, for a 33-year-old player.

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