25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi – Amazing Skills & Goals Show 2014/2015 HD

  1. Why is Messi on this? He’s not considered the best anymore, it’s Cristiano
    Ronaldo vs Neymar JR now.
    Messi is fading away

  2. This is strictly my opinion, so if you can’t respect mine than I won’t
    respect yours. I am willing to have a conversation with anyone who
    comments. In my personal preference, I prefer Lionel Messi. I think he is a
    superior player to Cristiano. But that doesn’t take anything away that
    Cristiano is still such a goal machine. How I view Cristiano is a very
    clinical player, someone you want to score your goals. Not going to
    criticize, but apart from goal scoring where Messi and Cristiano thrive so
    heavily, his qualities don’t compare to Leo. Leo’s passing, vision,
    dribbling, on and off the ball IQ, ball control, balance, reaction and
    interpreting the game is far better, makes everyone around him better, team
    player. As I always saw it, even if Messi is having a bad game, he is still
    potential danger because all he needs is a moment of magic to spark a great
    run and a killer pass. When Cristiano is having a bad game, it usually due
    to his teammates having bad game. When these two guys both retire, Messi
    will by compared to the likes of Pele, Maradona, Cruyff, Zidane and much
    more because of their similar play style, while Cristiano will be compared
    to players like Ronaldo, Eusebio and other great goal scorers.

    I have met several Madridistas and in my own family (Spanish origins) who
    are Real Madrids supporters, do not hesitate to state that Messi is a
    better player.

    The most unfortunate thing about these two is that one of the greatest
    rivalries are wasted on the dumbest generation of fans.

  3. Ash do you have another channel because I saw that exact same messi video
    with the exact same music on a different channel today?

  4. Messi all the way. and this just proves it man. No hate to Ronaldo fans. o
    love Ronaldo just messi has been my favorite player since I was a kid. And
    barca was my first ever team I supported since I was a kid and I never
    changed and till now I am still wid barca and messi is still my favorite

  5. I couldn’t careless what anyone tells me CR7 and Messi are the two greatest
    players of all time, along with Pele and Maradona.

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