25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo Dropping players on the Floor HD

  1. Don’t go read the comments if you’re new to this video bunch of idiotic

  2. He was a lot better in dribbling at United, he was way faster… now he is
    a scoring machine, but his dribbling… mmm :/

  3. I’m no Barca or Madrid fan, but I can tell you this Messi isn’t playing the
    way he used to like he did back in 2012. Why? It was said its because he
    doesn’t want any injuries before World Cup since its only about 50 days
    away. And if he wins the World Cup he can maybe be considered best football
    player to ever play the game, along with Pele and Maradona! Now you may ask
    why isn’t Ronaldo holding back too. Well its because he hasn’t achieved
    many things in footbal compared to Messi yet, even though his older than
    him by 2 years.

  4. I love how on EVERY Ronaldo video, there has to be somebody bringing up
    Messi. It’s almost as if Messi fanboys have a closet obsession with the guy

  5. Chiellini would destroy this punk anyday! the last time they met this punk
    was so weak he fell in agony and to save his face referee had to give
    Chiellini a red card. 

  6. Yet another reasonable video that has been totally fucked all over by a
    really nasty, cheap, shitty sound track. What is it with some Tubers that
    they think it is appropriate to expose people to their fucked up musical
    tastes when they have given no warning? Hint: Put it in the title,
    something like ‘with musical overlay’ or ‘with fucking shite song track’.
    That would suffice.

  7. messi cant dropping les than 4 !!!!

    no thing new

    still leo messi the best ever

  8. If it wasn’t for messi he could’ve been the god of football in the 21st
    century, lucky for him he has to compete with a savant. 

  9. messi dropping 3 at least every match lol cr7 is poor really go and see
    king of driblling 27 minute of dropping !!!!

  10. Cristiano is constantly saying that he wants to be the best footballer of
    all times, that is his goal. His focus is something that even haters have
    to respect. 

  11. he is improving himself in la liga , which is impressive , because we can
    see that he is getting better in each year . a legend player indeed.

  12. there’s a messi video about this item much more spectacular. Anyway great
    video, as always

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