Aston Villa Is Taken Over By A Chinese Group

Aston Villa Is Taken Over By A Chinese Group

The Aston Villa is in the news.

Its takeover is coming to an end with Damien Cornolli to be appointed to the role of technical director. Cornolli will return to football on English grounds is being speculated by many.

Aston Villa is bided for a takeover. A Chinese consortium is the buyer. The buyout is imminent in the coming days. The deal is rumored to be around 75 million Euros. It is to be completed by Randy Lerner, the present owner of the club. By this deal Lerner will be washing his hands of the West Midlands club. As per the Chinese owners, Damien Cornolli would be leading the operations of the club. This was informed to the media sources. Cornolli is currently 43 years of age. He left playing for Liverpool in the year 2012. He has been out of the game since. His last position was as director of football for the team.

Lerner on the other hand, is ready to sell up the club. Cornolli has had experience at Tottenham as well as St Etienne. He arrived at Anfield in 2010 in November. He oversaw the signing of Gareth Bale to Spurs team as well as Luis Suarez who went to join Liverpool. He has studied the setup of the Villa’s team. He would be conducting an overhaul of the team at Villa Park.

The buyout is being done by Rui Kang Group. They have made the deal with Randy Lerner. Fans are probably wondering what the overall look would like and the effect that it would have on the club members. There would indeed be a shuffling of the members and players of the team. It remains to be seen how the changes impact the future of the club after the takeover is finalized.

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