Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Israel Home HD 720p (11/10/2013)


Video clip Ranking: four / five

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25 Responses to “Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Israel Home HD 720p (11/10/2013)”

  1. Sirtonmoshe


  2. Domagoj Šeremet

    Simply the best

  3. Marco Adelfio


  4. Abder Adr

    Fuck Israel 

  5. Kykeslayer

    Ronaldo doesn’t support Israel dumbass, look it up fucker

  6. muliron18

    Stop cursing Israel.i am Jew and Israel is beautiful place so how bout u
    freakin go ther and maybe ull appreciate it

  7. muliron18

    And Ronaldo supports Israel.not hates it

  8. saharor1

    Fuck U.

  9. infra padu


  10. Ahmed Eid

    The Best

  11. Adel Trubljanin

    fuck izrael terrorist

  12. Harvard MathGod

    They aren’t going to qualify you dumb idiot. Theres 10 spots left and most
    of the elite teams like Uruguay, France & portugal haven’t qualified yet.
    You think a crap team like Algeria is going to take their place? Haha. The
    only “eh” team that deserves to be in the World Cup is Iran, and they
    already qualified.

  13. Harvard MathGod

    1. Zionism. 2. No one can name a terrorist organization before Israel took
    over palestine. 3. Maybe they’re just jealous of how rich they are. 4. They
    control USA media. 5. They hate Arabs and Arabs hate them. thats pretty
    much it.

  14. Crisronaldo Mxt

    porfavor suscribete mi canal please sub in my chennel

  15. عبدالله الزهراني

    Fuck Israel terrorist

  16. bacet ali

    They have one more game at home you idiot

  17. Harvard MathGod

    Algeria didn’t make the World Cup you dumb fuck.

  18. Dasher Kindaser

    Ronaldo the best

  19. Dasher Kindaser

    Fuck Israel

  20. Jack O'connell

    sorry, but why all the hate on Israel

  21. 昌毅 黃


  22. Matt Zeco

    ronaldo hate israel same as me. FUCK ISRAEL.

  23. Donát Alpár

    ronaldo the best

  24. ahmed mando

    ronaldo the best

  25. Minou Swg

    algeria motherfucker