Cristiano Ronaldo – “Fight Against Him” – 2013 HD


Video Ranking: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Cristiano Ronaldo – “Fight Against Him” – 2013 HD”

  1. Niranjhan Sivakumar

    The commentary destroys an amazing video

  2. Josh Masters

    tht voice sounds just like cena!! fits in well tho

  3. Mauricio Rodri Garay

    John Cena voice? 

  4. Martina Spagnoli


  5. Anthony Mendez

    I really enjoyed the ending. but the beginning of the video was not my
    favorite. Great video though. 

  6. zaid omari


  7. coco chanel


  8. Fraeg

    wtf is this will Ferrell doing the intro?

  9. Antto Mallo

    #FlyToMadrid #FanForReal 

  10. Dan Kirk

    If anyone is wondering, the man speaking at the start is John Cena and it’s
    his never give up speech 

  11. Xclash12

    Why is john cena talking when the video is about soccer? 

  12. Eren Durmaz

    its amazing

  13. Majed Balhareth

    Love you 

  14. Adam Sameh

    John cena

  15. karan malhotra

    beautiful video of the most amazing player on the planet !

  16. Albert Zawadzki


  17. Lucas Fache

    ‘Mazing :o

  18. Adam Miller

    He’s better than Messi

  19. Hubert Fulczyk

    What is this song??

  20. Bavo Van Pamel

    The sons is vive la vide.from coldplay or something

  21. Mohammed ghanem

    he better fucking win the ballon dor this year

  22. miguel gonzalez

    Pro in the house

  23. Matt Chai

    Cr7 is the best !!!! 

  24. Maliu Namomo

    Congrats Ronaldo cr7 ballon d’or 2013

  25. oscar arroyo

    Anyone know the song